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العودة لموقع الوزارة

 University of Tabuk

Year established :



  • City : Tabuk
  • Province Population : 691,716
  • P.O. Box : 741
  • Postal Code : 71491
  • Phone +966-4-4273022
  • Fax +966-4-4273022
  • Campuses : Tabuk , Al Wajh and Dhuba


Admission Office : ( in Arabic )

Enrollment & Calendar

  • Total Enrollment : 10,024
  • Total Staff : 500
  • Academic Calendar : By Semesters

About University of Tabuk

University of Tabuk was the most recent university to commence in 2006 with four colleges. Today , University of Tabuk satisfy the community need to higher education with about 11 colleges across three campuses in Tabuk , Al Wajh and Dhuba. The university serves a great community of potential students that allowed planning its programs. Current works of the future campus premises project are going as planned. It is planned for the university to mount up to accommodate 50.000 male and female students. University of Tabuk is located in Tabuk city , in the upper northwestern corner of Saudi Arabia. University majors and departments were designed to produce skillful graduates in critical majors that the country is need to secure for the very near future. Over 18 academic departments are working to offer an extensive range of opportunities for universityʼs students.

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