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 Taif University

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Year established :



  • City : Taif
  • Province Population : 5,797,184
  • P.O. Box : 888
  • Postal Code : 5700
  • Phone +966-2-7256620
  • Fax +966-2-7256620
  • Campuses : Taif , Ranyah , Al Khurmah and Turubah


Admission Office :

Enrollment & Calendar

  • Total Enrollment : 13,700
  • Total Staff : 326
  • Academic Calendar : By Semesters

About Taif University

Based on the plan that rendered establishing a number of new universities around the Kingdom, Taif University was established at the same time. The university was a result of a merger of the campuses of two Umm Al-Qura colleges located in Makkah.
The university takes pride in its well-planned and modern programs in mathematics, physics, biology, computer science, Arabic, Islamic studies, language, education, and early childhood learning. Upon its founding, the university added a new college, namely the College of Medicine and Medical Sciences, which began in 2006 with an initial enrollment of 80 students. Beginning in the 2006 academic year, the university implemented a plan to enhance its abilities to meet market demands for qualified professionals in an attempt to improve social development and increase skilled manpower.

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